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These extra resources are for exploring your own path of leadership development. They include articles, books, videos, podcasts, and web sites and are organized as well by CorrLeader Areas and Topics.

Newest Resources
CorrTalk Podcast: a conversation with Debbie Hawboldt
CorrTalk with Debbie Hawboldt
CorrTalk Podcast
In this episode of CorrTalk, Peter and Sarah sit down to chat with former Warden, Debbie Hawboldt. In a career with the Adult Custody Division spanning 33 years, Debbie talks about navigating challenging times in her career, the beliefs that kept her engaged, and the lessons that she learned from organizational changes.
Executive Presence: What Is It, Why You Need It And How To Get It
Communication, Confidence, Credibility, Personal Leadership, Relational Leadership
Executive coach and public speaker Gerry Valentine provides a breakdown of the general steps required to achieve executive presence (online article).
Improve Your Executive Presence
Confidence, Credibility, Personal Leadership
Stanford professor and coach, Allison Kluger, teaches entrepreneurs how to communicate like a leader in this article from Insights by Stanford Business (online article).
Find Your Voice: Allison Shapira
Confidence, Credibility, Personal Leadership
Each of us has something powerful to say; yet, for whatever reason, we often hold back. Former opera singer Allison Shapira uses music to explain how we can find our voice and our courage to speak up (video).
Allison Shapira on Executive Presence
Communication, Confidence, Credibility, Personal Leadership, Relational Leadership
In this talk Former opera singer and speaking expert Allison Shapira talks about the power of Executive Presence, discusses its importance, and provides strategies for achieving it (video).
Executive Presence: The Missing Link Between Merit and Success
Communication, Confidence, Credibility, Personal Leadership, Relational Leadership
Sylvia Ann Hewlett , one of the worlds most influential business thinkers, discusses executive presence – why it’s important, strategies to develop it, and the gender and cultural biases that impact it (video).
Real Leaders Negotiate
Communication, Relational Leadership
Jeswald Salcuse discusses why negotiation is a key aspect of effective leadership, and provides three key aspects of negotiation that will improve your persuasiveness as a leader (online article).
Emotion and the Art of Negotiation
Communication, Relational Leadership
Alison Wood Brooks discusses the impact of emotion on effective negotiation and how to manage our emotions and the emotions of our counterparts for increased success (online article).
The Game Changing Attorney Episode 5: Chris Voss former Lead FBI International Hostage Negotiator
Communication, Emotional Intelligence, Personal Leadership, Relational Leadership
Former FBI negotiator Chris Voss talks about how FBI hostage techniques apply to leadership, and why emotional intelligence and tactical empathy are the most important tools for negotiation (podcast)
Negotiation Skills: Former FBI Negotiator Chris Voss
Communication, Relational Leadership
In this conference keynote former FBI expert Chris Voss applies his experience of high-stakes negotiation to being a leader (video)
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