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Welcome to the B.C. Corrections Leadership Development site.

This site is intended to complement the ongoing work of developing current and future leaders within B.C. Corrections. Our metaphor represents leadership as a vast geographic terrain to be explored. Within the terrain you will find material that has been organized into three regions or areas of leadership development. In each area we have charted specific locations of interest or topics.

To be a great leader with and for others, it is critical to understand your personal leadership strengths and challenges. This area includes topics that are relevant to your personal development plus how you grow and challenge yourself as a leader.

Topics in Personal Leadership include Adaptability, Authenticity, Building Trust, Confidence, Credibility, Emotional Intelligence, Integrity, Managing Change, Resilience, and Self Awareness.

person holding a map of the region labled Personal

As one grows personally in their role as a leader the next phase is interacting with, relating to, and working alongside others. This area explores the various competencies that go into developing strong relational leaders.

Topics in Relational Leadership include Coaching Skills, Collaboration / Partnership, Communication, Delegating, Empowerment, Honesty, Investing in people, Personal Learning, and Teamwork.

Strong leaders have a vision, they look to the future, they understand the interconnectedness of the areas within their organization and the external influences on their organization. This area explores leadership from a macro perspective helping you develop your own “big picture” thinking.

Topics in Organizational Leadership include Accountability, Appreciative Inquiry, Business Skills/Competence, Organizational Knowledge, Strategic Awareness, and Succession Planning.

Ways of Terrain Exploring

In navigating terrain sometimes you have specific directions, navigational devices, and trails to follow. Other times, you discover and explore the territory choosing your own ways.

Within the three leadership areas noted above, information is organized by different ways to learn; the first being courses (currently 19 courses available). You will find opportunities listed that offered as a traditional face to face scheduled courses / workshop  or via online independent learning modules / content. In our metaphor of Leadership terrain, you are provided maps, directions, or specifical trails to help you reach a destination.

When you find scheduled courses of interest, follow the link on each one to register your interest in participation (spaces are limited).

The second way leadership growth opportunities are been organized is by 92 additional resources selected specifically to support the leadership areas and topics. Examples of these might be a recent leadership book, an audio podcast, an online article, or a TED Talk video. These topics can be viewed at any time on different platforms. This is the kind of terrain exploration when you explore your own route.

The site also provides the opportunity for people to make recommendations of leadership resources that they have found useful in their own leadership development process. If you have leadership material that has inspired you, please feel free to make a recommendation so that we can add it to our terrain map and share with your colleagues.

Lastly, we hope you use this site as it was intended. It is a fairly comprehensive site that focuses on leadership and also relevant to your own personal and professional leadership development.

For more information please see the Frequently Asked Questions and if you do not find an answer there, please contact us.

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